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                                                              From Israel with love!

Welcome to the online-shop "BERESHIT"! Here you can purchase items that are closely interwoven with the Jewish way of life and an integral part of Jewish tradition.
For each project, the idea - even the most commercial - is always a motive. In other words, one or another need, which we strive to realize. The motive behind the creation of our online shop has become a strong desire to facilitate the introduction to Jewish life to those who have chosen this path.
After all, following the tradition is impossible without specific attributes, which is present in every Jewish home.
And so we have created a place where you can buy - for yourself and loved ones - products that create a Jewish tourists.


                                        What makes us different from other online stores?

     1. Shop focuses on subjects of Jewish life. Our main products are products that you need to comply with the traditions of everyday life. Here you will easily find what it is related to various aspects and events.


    2. Most of the products made in Israel. By purchasing items in our store, you agree to support an Israeli manufacturer and become the owner of the things created in the Land of Israel. With it, you transmitted power of the Holy Land and Jerusalem.

3. Creation certain goods is under control. By purchasing in our store tefillin, mezuzah or "Sefer Torah", you can be sure that their content is checked carefully. Our main expertise is a rabbi teaching students izrailskogokolelya - religious school - a specialty "Sofer-Stam" (rewriting sacred texts).


    4. Sales are from Israel. Thing ordered in our shop, arrives to you in Israel! Thus, if you are looking for a gift to the person who you care about, a gift from Israel will perceive it as particularly valuable and unique.

5. Observance of the Sabbath. We hold sacred the fourth of the Ten Commandments - "Remember the Sabbath day to sanctify it." Therefore, at the time when the sun goes down and it is Shabbat - depending otregiona in which you live - our shop is closed to resume its work immediately after the Sabbath.

In addition to these major differences, clients describe us as "shop works without crashing," "very sincere and friendly."


We appreciate every customer, opt for us and our products. It is for you, dear visitors shop, it was created. We hope that you find the product that are looking for! And we, in turn, will do everything possible to ensure that this product will meet your expectations and come to you in time safely.

If you have any questions, and difficulties in carrying out the order, please contact us! Immediately we try to solve them!

Contact Information:

Phone: +972 72-2507991


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